Six Best Restaurants You Must Try When Traveling to Amsterdam

Traveling to the Netherlands is one of the best wishlists. If people plan to visit the country, they tend to stay in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, you can do and see everything, as you probably know. You can also enjoy almost every cuisine in the world. Tourists can find many restaurants in Amsterdam, along with beautiful ambiance and design. One of the most apparent is some places adapt the Spaanse twist. Therefore, tourists can see other cultures like Spanish ethnic. These are some recommended restaurants that adjust Spanish design you should visit when traveling to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam cafe


This restaurant serves various junk food menus. There are many choices of burgers, ribs, and fries. However, the menu changes with the seasons. The delicious dishes served are vegan (with organic options) and always freshly prepared. Meatless District is open for lunch and dinner, but there is no breakfast on weekends. This place could be the best option for vegans. Therefore, some tourists tend to visit this place to have breakfast.

Mr. Stacks

Mr. Stacks, Pancakes and Tea is your place. They serve pancakes, as the name suggests. But they don’t just make pancakes. They also offer all kinds of tea. As you know, Amsterdam is famous for poffertjes and stroopwafels. You should include this place on your list. This restaurant serves a 3, 4, or 5-course menu five days a week. Although the menu may change, all of the food represents Amsterdam’s food characteristics. This restaurant is a great place to get a multi-course meal at a reasonable price.


Sla CafeSla means salad in Dutch, which fits this restaurant perfectly. This restaurant uses fair trade (organic) products to make the best salads and soups. You can find this outlet in several locations in Amsterdam, such as Westerstraat and Ceinturbaan. If you love eating vegetables and fruits, this place should be your ideal choice. Besides, you can take some excellent photos for your social media. This way allows you to have a beautiful memory when visiting the restaurant.

Mr & Mrs. Watson

Mr & Mrs. Watson is an award-winning restaurant. They are known for their delicious cheeses and cheesecake. They also offer a wide range of other options for those who don’t like cheese. Besides, you can find Benji’s various vegan options. You can find a wide variety of desserts, bowls, and hot meals at brunch or dinner. Therefore, you can always consider visiting this place when you are feeling to come to this restaurant.


It is a great place to eat plant-based cuisine. Their food is not only plant-based but also contains no refined oils or added sugars. All meals are prepared with locally sourced whole foods. This restaurant offers the best desserts, (hot) bowls, and smoothies. You can also enjoy a high tea in the restaurant. If you’re a sweet tooth, you can also order delicious cakes from the restaurant’s wide range of homemade cakes. Besides, you can find some Indonesian menus here. Therefore, it would be the best option if you are up to Asian cuisine too.


Vegabond is a vegan deli, but also a store. Here you can buy the best vegan products, such as vegan cheese, vegan wraps, and vegan ice cream. This place becomes more apparent among people since it becomes one of the shooting plots for Korean drama. Besides the vegan menu, you can order some excellent western foods. For instance, you can try European Vagabond pasta. Therefore, you can eat many foods without worrying about your weight later.…