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that research shows music helps children become better learners, and that even a newborn emotionally responds to music. Parents respond, too!

However, all the research in the world can’t accurately capture the look of pure delight in a child’s eyes when she experiences the sights and sounds of Kindermusik, both in the classroom and at home.

With 30 years experience in developing early learning curricula and products, Kindermusik is the world’s most trusted name in music and movement classes for children newborn to seven. Kindermusik curricula are based upon the principles of early development applied to developmentally appropriate practice as defined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Plus, the Kindermusik philosophy is rooted in the work of early childhood development experts like Piaget, Montessori, and Greenspan.

Our full curricula offer children seven years of musical learning that involves every aspect of growth and development: language, motor skills, social skills, cognitive development, emotional growth, and musicality. As a trusted and trained Educator you will guide parents and children through every musical and developmental milestone and help them understand what is happening all along the way. Each semester, a new set of At Home Materials brings the experience out of the classroom and into their every day routines and rituals.

Come experience for yourself why more educators around the world choose Kindermusik than any other music and movement program.

(*Harris Interactive, November 2005)

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