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Teach Kindermusik

Family First

What if there were a job where you could stay home with your children, sing and play and earn real income? With Kindermusik, you can have it all!

Parents are the best teachers.

As a parent, you have a profound impact on the lives of your children. With Kindermusik, you can balance family and work while bringing the joy of music to parent's and children's lives in your community.

More families are enrolled in Kindermusik classes than in any other childhood music program. To meet this growing demand, we're looking for the right people to join us. Maybe that's you!

Help meet your family's needs—earn income on your own terms!

Let Kindermusik show you how to run a successful program that:

  • gives you lots of flexibility
  • meets your income goals
  • brings children the joy of musical learning

And with Kindermusik, you'll even have access to benefits like health insurance, tax-free savings and more!

Let's Get Started!

Several tools are available to help you make a more informed decision about teaching Kindermusik. They include an income estimator, potential start-up costs, frequently asked questions about training, skills and strengths assessment, and support tools. Click here to learn more.

Enroll in our training program, Fundamentals of Kindermusik. It's easier than you may think and incredibly rewarding.

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Start a successful teaching. Incredibly rewarding!

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