Teach Kindermusik in the UK and Ireland: Our proposition

We believe

that Kindermusik offers the best quality music education for children from a very early age. We also believe itís important to follow a programme which incorporates the latest learnings on childhood development and is backed by childhood experts. We want to be sure that every licensed educator knows they are offering the best programme out there both with the materials they use in class and the home materials provided to parents.


Itís also important, particularly in a difficult economy to make sure becoming a licensed educator is affordable. Thatís why you only pay for your training, instruments and teacher kits you need. We donít take franchise fees or royalties on your earnings, though we feel we offer just as much as franchised music groups. It is up to you how many classes you want to offer. Some educators teach full time, others a few classes a week. Starting up a Kindermusik business is therefore relatively low investment at a fraction of the cost of a franchise. Training to become an educator is also very flexible Ė you need to find around 4 hours a week of your time to study and the training is web based. So there is no need to travel to workshops and you can fit it around your family or other commitments.

Licensed educators need support from fellow educators in the UK and Ireland but also from Kindermusik International in US who create our programmes. As you start up you are provided with all the tools you need to get your business going including free advertising on the UK and US websites. We recognise that professional development is important so an effective e mail group, training sessions, internet training webinars and local partnership reps are provided.

Not surprisingly, Kindermusik has gone from strength to strength in the UK and Ireland. We now have around 130 licensed educators, some of whom have large programmes ( top 5% worldwide) and have been awarded Kindermusik Maestro status. We have featured in the national press, TV, radio and partnered with Sainsbury, Asda, Sure Start and now the UK leading chain of nurseries, Busy Bees.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Kindermusik educator email Vanessa@kindermusik.co.uk


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